give em' hell kid. (cutthroatkristi) wrote in vanity___hxc,
give em' hell kid.

are ya smokin' yet?

[Name] kristi.
[age/DOB] fifteen ; 06/19/89.
[location] point pleasant beach, nj.

[10 favorite bands] senses fail, my chemical romance, the misfits, boys night out, coheed and cambria, a cutthroat kiss, the bled, as i lay dying, every time i die, underoath, and no hollywood ending.

[2 favorite books] to kill a mockingbird and a clockwork orange.

[3 favorite movies] the lost boys, a clockwork orange, mallrats.

[3 favorite TV shows] the chapelle show, degrassi, and that's just about all the tv i really watch ..

[Mini Bio]

i'm kind of shy and quiet. i'm cool with you if you're cool with me. i don't start random ridiculous fights for no reason, but i'm definitly ready and willing to defend myself and my friends at all times. i'm all about the music and looking forward to hopefully joining this community. <33

[what do you like about your personality?] i like that i don't really take shit from anyone and i'm always faithful to my friends.

[what do you like about your looks?] my eyes are pretty cool, color-changing and such and i have a clear face which makes me lucky, i guess.

[why should we accept you?] you should accept me cause i like good music and i'm ready and willing to promote for your community and i think it'd be fun.

[three pictures placed behind a LJ cut...]


i'm sorry about the bad quality of the pics. <3 thanks for checking out my application.

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