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are ya smokin' yet?


Name: Shannon
age/DOB: 14, will be 15 in like a week/ June 28
location: Spring, Texas

10 favorite bands: UnderOath, Copeland, From Autumn to Ashes, The Faint, Alexisonfire, Brand New, Bloc Party, Everytime I die, Hellogoodbye, The Bled.
5 favorite movies: The Dangerous Lives of the Alter Boys, Lords of Dogtown, Spun, Requium for a Dream , Sid and Nancy.
1 favorite TV show: Meet the Barkers
Mini Bio

what do you like about your personality?: I will always tell you what I think. you ask my opinion you'll sure as hell get it. I am completely NOT shy either.
what do you like about your looks?: my eyeshape and some what high cheek bones.
Favorite article of clothing: my abercrombie jeans. I've had thme for like a year and wear the ALL THE TIME. they're so faded and soft, I love them, I even wear them to bed sometimes.

what do you love?: that'd have to be music for sure. and my lover, of course. I also love to read.
what do you hate?: Girls. and Girls that know they're pretty. and when people smack their food. its so annoying. AND when people have bad english, and say "nothing" when they should say "anything". that just an example but improper english annoys the hell out of me. and people that type "lYkE dIs". I will have to slap you if you do.

why should we accept you?: cause I'll be exteremly active, and rate all the time. I love to judge people. I guess thats a bad thing, but oh well.
promote us somewhere and provide a link:
three pictures placed behind a LJ cut (dont photoshop anything fuckers. anyone looks good with photoshop.)

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