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"are ya smokin' yet?"


Name: Devyn
age/DOB: 08-09-89 / 15
location: FL

10 favorite bands:  1) The Blood Brothers, 2) The Locust, 3) Bear vs Shark, 4) Circle takes the Square, 5) The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, 6) The Chinese Stars, 7) Daughters, 8) From a Second Story Window, 9) majorityrule, 10) page99
5 favorite movies: 1) SLC Punk, 2) Peter Pan, 3) Resident Evil, 4) Wizard of Oz, 5) Cry Baby
1 favorite TV show: Degrassi

Mini Bio

what do you like about your personality?: really outgoing and brutally honest. Some what crazy I guess you can say
what do you like about your looks?: My lip ring. Hehe. My eyes and hair
Favorite article of clothing: I'll eat your heart out shirt from American Eagle or my Bear vs Shark shirt. absolutely stunning

what do you love?: Cherries, swallows, my little brother! friends MUSIC
what do you hate?: backstabbers, liars and mayo

why should we accept you?: I'm fucking swell. ha ha I'm a cool cat. What can I say
promote us somewhere and provide a link:
three pictures placed behind a LJ cut (dont photoshop anything fuckers. anyone looks good with photoshop.)

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