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are ya smokin' yet?

Name:Veronika but everyone calls me Nicky
age/DOB:15 1/8/89
location:balticore md

10 favorite bands:A Global Threat, The Distillers, The Unseen, The Mars Volta, The Postal Service, Converge, Leftover crack, the devotchkas, against me!, the doors. (I can listen to hardcore and still get down with the sugary tunes of the postal service)
5 favorite movies:Requiem For A Dream, The Texas Chainsaw Masscre, Girl Interupted, American Beauty, Donnie Darko. (You probably get that same list all the time, but they are very good movies.)
1 favorite TV show:To tell you the truth I really don't watch tv. Honestly.

Mini Bio

what do you like about your personality?:I'm strong and independent and you just don't want to fuck with me.
what do you like about your looks?: I don't look like anyone else. I'm unique and I'm beautiful without looking superficial and psuedo blonde chick.
Favorite article of clothing:There is soooo much in my closet but I would have to say my leather skirt. It even holds memories.

what do you love?: To create somthing beautiful, what can I say, I'm just another artsy fag.
what do you hate?: When people don't stand up for themselves.

why should we accept you?:I'll be active and I think I'll fitn right into this community.
promote us somewhere and provide a link:

three pictures placed behind a LJ cut (dont photoshop anything fuckers. anyone looks good with photoshop.)

photoshop is for pussies.

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