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What's geography?

A to the PP


[Name] Jessica
[age/DOB] 15  - - 3 / 30 / 89
[location] Massachusetts.. bah.

[10 favorite bands] Atreyu, A cutthroat kiss, alexisonfire, norma jean, funeral for a friend, from first to last, avenged sevenfold, hopesfall, hawthorne heights, blood brothers.

[2 favorite books] The Giver, Utopia

[3 favorite movies] The Notebook, White Oleander, Interview with the Vampire.

[3 favorite TV shows] Headbangers Ball, Ed Edd and Eddy :D , Family Guy.

[Mini Bio] Well, i live in this dumb city here .. Lynn.. people say it's the city of Him .. but most say it's the city of Sin. Umm, i am currently learning guitar and i love to write songs and poetry. I also enjoy studying art.. i hope to persue a career in Art and Photography. I am a big dork. Nothing wrong with sillyness right !? Of course not.. umm,  yes, i suppose that covers some stuff about me. :D

[what do you like about your personality?] I am very creative and i like to keep people positive and happy.
[what do you like about your looks?] Umm, my eyes.. i have my mothers eyes and my fathers mixed colors.. it's actually really neat. I think that's the greatest about my looks.

[why should we accept you?] This community seems purdy darn cool and i would like to be a part ! :D

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